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New Search Engine "Whoopie!" Introduced

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New Search Engine "Whoopie" Introduced

By Maverick
Three years in the making, and after millions of dollars gone into its production, the newest Internet search engine has found its place among Internet users. Entitled "Whoopie!", the new search engine uses an ultra fast data uplink system to provide users with super fast searches. The engine's creator, Dr. Peter Horton, is very excited about the new program.

"I'm out to provide the computer using public with great products," he said. Horton is also on the verge of completing his new operating system that gives users another option when choosing how to run a home computer. The operating system, "Glass Panes 99" is set for release in Feburary. Dr. Horton also has also invented a kind of disk drive and disk that could replace the need for many floppy disks.

"It's called a 'Zop' drive. The Zop disk can hold up to thirty times more information then a regular floppy," he said. The release date of the Zop drive and disk are unknown. Check your local computer retailers for details.

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