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By Kesus
For fans of the Spice Girls everywhere, Friday, January 23 marked the beginning of a new era. "Spiceworld," the first (and hopefully not the last) full length movie featuring the Spice Girls opened, and you can bet your ass I was there.

The Spice Girls aren't the first pop stars to produce such a movie. You can ask your parents about a band called "The Beatles," who starred in "A Hard Day's Night," "Yellow Submarine," and others. Even though I have seen none of these, I'm willing to bet that the Spice Girls have widely improved this format. I'm not necessarily trying to say that the Spice Girls are better than The Beatles, but when was the last time you heard someone say "Check out the ass on Ringo?" Hmm? Exactly.

Anyway, some of the high points of the movie include a bus-chase scene where they actually jump London Bridge (best effects I've ever seen), cameos by musicians Elvis Costello, Meatloaf, and by ex-Kid in the Hall Mark McKinney, and, my personal favorite, a scene where Geri (Sexy/Ginger Spice) is wearing a really really tight dress that says "Mind Power" across her chest. Makes you think, doesn't it? The one thing that bothered me however, was that the Spice Girls' racks are bigger and better than mine. Twin Akai MPCs with S3000's to boot. Now that's what I call a nice rack.

Wannabe more like your favorite Spice Girl? Go to to take the quiz to see which Spice Girl you are most like. I'm most like Mel B (Scary Spice). Editor's note: I took the test myself and was found to be most like Mel B also. That is scary.

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