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A Poem By Jason Berta

Compliments of Mr. Tom O'Day

To those of you who think you are a Packer fan.

Hello, old sport, how is thee
after the pack gave the title up to the AFC?
I knew this would happen all along...
that Green Bay would give way to Elway.
It's a sad ending to your beloved dynasty,
for Favre's a worthless hill-billy.
When Holmgren leaves without tears
playoff-less seasons will follow for another thirty years.
The Packers win another Superbowl war?
Quoth Tom and Berta, "Nevermore."

T. Davis ran over the secondary,
Only after fatboy Gilbert fell flat on his belly.
Reggie didn't touch Elway all game - schmoop
He must not have eaten his Campbell's chunky soup!
(No soup for you, Biotch!)

That fourteen point spread didn't help anything
It was the biggest scam since one-hour martinizing.
The Pack down by seven with two minutes to score.
'Twas a miracle even Reggie couldn't pray for.

Broncos defense stepped it up a notch
And all Favre could do was watch
as he threw incompletions and INTs
and Denver scored FGs and TDs.
With a final score of 31-24,
The Broncos wanted nothing more.

Fat-ass cheese-heads...about them, nobody cares.
For the next dynasty will be that of the CHICAGO BEARS!!

Maybe Packers fans can shut-up now.


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