Issue 7

Tosa Teen Filled
With Spirit Of
Local TV Station
Reports Actual
News Story
Because I'm
Good Enough, I'm
Smart Enough...
Honor Our
Nation's Heroes
Ooda Boo!
Happy New Year -
We're All Going
To Die!
Ice Cream Is
Better Than Math

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Issue 7

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Ooda Boo!

By Da Boo
Oooda booda boo! Boody kooda foo. Idda iddo biddy boody boo ba-ba? Noooo. Idda iddo biddy boody dooba moof? Noooo. Dooba boody iddo biddy boo-ba. Ooda oody boody boody boo. Eep! Daaaaaaa Boo! Badoo badee boo. EEEEEEEEE!

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