Issue 16

Senior Awards
Super Special!
Students To
Weekend By
Listening To Dave
Matthews Band
Headin' For
Man Buys Ticket
To Lilith Fair
Article Written
"Babylon 5" Is
Actually Pretty

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issue sixteen - may 21 1998

Senior Awards Super Special!

Thursday, May 21, 1998 at Wauwatosa East High School was the annual Senior Awards assembly, an event usually characterized by its extreme tendency to make students fall asleep. This is probably of no significance to anyone who didn't attend Tosa East, but that's why we have three online-only articles this issue. For those who do/did go to East or just want to see the funny stuff we put in the page devoted to the awards or seniors in general, click on the above link.

Students To Celebrate Weekend By Drinking, Listening To Dave Matthews Band

Headin' For Armageddon*

Man Buys Ticket To Lilith Fair*

Quality "Online-only" Article Written*

"Babylon 5" Is Actually Pretty Good


Newman's Notes:
This issue was originally supposed to be distributed during the Senior Awards assembly by taping one issue to every other seat in the auditorium, but was cancelled due to the amazing complications of such a plan. We kept the huge Senior Awards special section though, which was extremely popular among the seniors, and added three online-only issues that didn't deal at all with school for people who couldn't care less about the class of '98. Students To Celebrate Weekend is one of my favorite articles ever, but I think it hit a little too close to home for most students and so wasn't as liked as I thought it should be. All of the online articles are extremely funny, with M. F. Luder's self-promoting "Quality 'Online-only' Article Written," and Newman's almost sexist "Man Buys Ticket To Lilith Fair" each worthy of print publication, and Nicknameless Brian's "Headin' For Armageddon" showing that he's more than capable of taking over this paper next year. The Ecosystem article up there now is a review written by me after the show and an excellent Mako mp3; the original article written by Kesus that got exactly zero people to come to the show is here.

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