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By Kesus
This Saturday, May 23 at Marshall Park in Madison, Wisconsin, the finest free show to hit the parkway happens when Hospital Records (co-owned by Derek Falky and Dom) puts on Ecosystem, a four hour show thematically and systematically returning to nature's chaos.

The high-energy, high-entropy artist roster includes Beeshu Records' Astronaut Ice Cream Headache and PCDS, plus a number of other electronic and experimental acts. And, of course, the electronic crescendo of chaos, the masters of mayhem, the fashionable fuck-ups, the kung-fu disco terrorists Mako and Girl Next Door. This will be the last chance to see Mako live, ever. But, Mako goes out with a bang, sporting a new, ultra-heavy beat backed by Girl Next Door, who is supporting his new album, "Girl Next Door EP," available at the show for $3 or direct from him in the hallways at East.

This is some of the heaviest, hardest, fastest, and horniest electronic music still indy. Need to know how to get there? Well, here's the directions (from Milwaukee), straight from Mr. Falky himself:

1. Take I-94 west.
2. Exit onto 30.
3. Exit onto 151.
4. Turn right onto E. Johnson; it will turn into University Av.
5. Take University to Allen Blvd.
6. Turn right onto Allen Blvd.
7. Marshall Park will be on your right.

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