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"Babylon 5" Is Actually Pretty Good

By The Regulator
Like most other socially inept megadorks, I enjoy an occasional dose (or IV straight into my veins) of science fiction. Be it Star Wars, DS-9, a good novel, a bad novel, or that wacky Warhammer 40K game, sci-fi brings the future of neat gadgetry home to the here and now.

Now, if you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have told you that "Babylon 5" was nothing but the condensed crap left over after an episode of TNG. You would have argued that it has an excellent story line, but I would have said, "What's up with those gay-ass French guys with the tripped out hair?" and, "Dude, those funky special effects are really bad!" and furthermore, "If that cocky commander were that much of a jerk to those super-powerful and tripped out aliens in real life, he'd get his 'I'm so suave and cool yet also righteous and good and quite the ladies' man' ass kicked all over the solar system."

But then I watched an episode of it. Those French guys with the tripped out hair are damn funny. Those funky special effects are kinda neat in the context of those crazy aliens and their "shadow" technology. That cocky commander though, somehow managed to avoid a slow and painful death at the hands of the aliens he insulted on account of his "I'm so suave and cool yet also righteous and good and quite the ladies' man" attitude. It was actually pretty good.

Disclaimer: Neither The Underground nor The Regulator condone, in any way, the watching of, or partaking in activities related to, Babylon 5.

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