Issue 4

Scott Schneider
The Atom:
Fact Or Fiction?
Atoms Exist
Miss Plath Is
Obsessed With
Opinion Poll
The 6th
Spice Girl

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the underground online
issue four - november 11 1997

Student Spotlight - Scott Schneider,
A True Tosa East Playa

I recently sat down with Scott to talk about school, pimpin' it, and just being a hardcore mack.

The Atom: Fact Or Fiction?

Atoms Exist Dammit!

Conspiracy Corner - Cheese And School Lunches

Miss Plath Is Obsessed With Sex

Editorial - Capitalism Sucks

Photo Opinion Poll - What are your feelings on Chinese President Jiang Zemin's visit to the U.S.?

A Message From The 6th Spice Girl*


In our Halloween special on CBS, we reported that Soilent Green was made from wheat, glucose, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil and makes a tasty halloween snack for trick-or-treaters. Actually, Soilent Green is made out of people.

We regret any inconvience this may have caused.

Newman's Notes:
Motivated by the subpar third issue, The Undies bounced back with one of the best issues in underground newspaper history. The Scott Schneider interview was an excellent article both in concept and in the article itself, "Miss Plath Is Obsessed With Sex" was probably the most controversial article printed in the 17 issues and sparked discussion in classrooms and the teacher's lounge, the atom debate was one of the most under-appreciated articles published, and the photo opinion poll would have also been a hit if anyone followed current events. The only downside to this issue was the fact that no one actually believed that the Schneider interview was true (it was), and the fact that The Underground was haunted by the success of this issue and was not able to match it until a couple months later. This would also be the last issue with an editorial and a photo opinion poll, as serious articles were determined to have no place in The Underground, and the photo opinion poll took too much space for too little material. Plus those pictures were a bitch to get scanned each issue.

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