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It's The Super Happy Fun Quiz!

Would you survive in Calculus? Well, here's your chance to find out. Try these five questions to see if you'd be smart enough to make it through calculus without your brain exploding. Once you're done, click here for the answers.

1. John wakes up before the sun rises and finds that the lights in his house don't work. In his dresser he has two black socks and two white socks. What are the chances of John picking two white socks?

2. f(x)=3x+4x-1, x=1.5, and the Orlando Magic's record is 36-46. Does Anfernee Hardaway appear as the host of Saturday Night Live?

3. Al rides his bike at a constant speed of four mph north for 10 miles. During the ride, Al stops once for 3 minutes for a drink of water and once for 20 minutes at his friends house. If the barometric pressure is 30.14, what is the average angular velocity of the rear tire of Al's bike?

4. A black, unmarked sedan pulls up to the side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Two heavy-set men in sunglasses step out and pull a large bag out of the trunk. A high-pitched 'heeeeealp!' seems to come from the bag as it falls 85 feet to the Hudson river below. How long is it before anyone realizes that Steve Urkel is missing?

5. Bill Gates owns 4.5 million shares of Microsoft. On Monday, Microsoft's stock rises 2 1/2 points, and sells $6.7 million of computer software. On Tuesday, Microsoft's stock falls 4 points but sells $8.2 million of software. Does Bill Gates use a $50 or a $100 bill to light his cigar Tuesday night?

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