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By The Editor... Newman
Hey, remember last week when it was nice and warm outside? Probably not, since we were all cooped up in rooms that were either 50 or 90. This is October, there's no need for air conditioning. Even if it's a steamy 80 outside. Usually the problem could be fixed by opening some windows and letting that some nice fall breezes in. But this is Tosa East. No windows.

I actually got a chance to go out in the courtyard one hour after being in the library, which at the time was somewhere between the temperature of Fairbanks, Alaska and Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream. And man, it was nice out. You know, with the shade of 'the tree' and the Rourke/O'Day picnic tables and all.

Now I'm not saying that the ol' A/C isn't nice sometimes. I'm quite grateful for it on that day or two of the school year in May when the mercury actually gets above 85. But in October there's really no reason to keep rooms as cold as they are. Unless teachers are illegally smuggling ice cream in their classrooms and need to keep it cool... but that's a story for the conspiracy corner. One of these days it's going to get so cold in a room that when a student licks the metal leg of his desk, his tongue is going to stick to it, and they're going to have to take him to the hospital and he's going to sue the district. Not that a student would ever want to lick the leg of his desk. But man that would be funny.

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