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By M. F. Luder
Is it just me, or is the government listening in on our phone conversations? Every time you pick up the phone there is that noise, the noise of government eavesdropping devices. I know this because I read it in a book. Well, actually a close associate of mine read it, and he told me. Ok, in reality he just made it up, but he does look honest.

It's strange how the government wants to know everything isn't it. Maybe they want to find out who is writing this underground newspaper that is spreading the truth about "The Man" (not Will Smith, the other man). "The Man" is trying to discredit legitimate disreputable papers, like this one, which don't let 'sources,' 'eye witnesses,' and 'the facts' cloud their opinions. The 75th St. Press is just a puppet of "The Man" that brings integrity and honesty into the realm of underground papers. I won't stand for it; I will slander who I want, when I want, and how I want.

A paper that is distributed by the administration cannot have a severe bias towards libel and rumor. How can a person not have a severe bias and not express it to the world. I for example, hate, with a vengeance, all those people who are smarter than me. Where do they get off having a high IQ? You may be smarter, but I think I can take you. At least I could take you when your back is turned and you aren't expecting it.

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