Issue 6

Tosa East Dullard Accepted To UW-Madison On Minesweeper Scholarship

Mr. Stroud Launches Schoolwide Search For Lost "Little Black Book"

Maverick Apologizes For Article

Challenge Students Get Assignment

Teen Killed In Our Hallways

Local Underground Paper Fills Blank Space

Teacher Grows New "Stache" For Upcoming Hollywood Film

Point/ Counterpoint

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Local Underground Paper Fills Blank Space

By Sleeping Disorder
Yesterday, the premier underground newspaper of Wauwatosa East, entitled simply The Underground, narrowly averted crisis. A glaring blank space on the backside of the latest issue threatened to horribly disfigure the paper, not to mention the high standards to which the paper was held. However, tragedy was avoided.

"Yeah, it was getting late," said Chief Editor Sleeping Disorder. "There was this big space right in between the hallway story and the mustache story, so I just decided to whip something up and throw it in. Nobody ever reads the whole thing anyway. Whatever."

At this point, details on the exact content of the article are still very sketchy.

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