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Challenge Students Get Assignment

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Challenge Students Get Assignment

By Ed the Moose
Yesterday, Challenge Seminar teachers Craig Streff and Kurt Bergland presented to their respective classes what they believe to be their best assignment to date. Commented Streff, "We really believe that this will adequately show to us whether or not the students are competent in the various disciplines that we are striving to get across."

Students are not as excited as the two teachers, however. The assignment is as follows (quoted off of the actual instruction sheet). "Students are to synthetically extrapolate an analytical criticism of a priori research as covered in Johnson, using disjunctive and hypothetical syllogisms and relate this to the metaphysical and epistemological factors of scholarly responsibility and Bloom's taxonomy. This assignment must also be written in iambic pentameter and students must include numerous references to the readings done in Abel and Salmon, along with a minimum of three scientific journals."

Students have expressed concern over this assignment. Said one anonymous Challenge student, "OK, first of all, we were all out of it when it was assigned so we had no idea it was due until today. I think this is really unfair and I also think that we deserve an extension." Bergland stated that this probably would not happen.

The two teachers already have their next assignment planned and will assign it the day after the current assignment in is turned in. "Basically, it will involve learning the Greek language and then giving an authentic Aristotelian logic lecture," said Streff.

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