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By Kesus
At 8:00 P.M. on Friday, March 27 at The Rave, Beeshu Records' robot-obsessed cohorts unveil the first ever Astronaut Ice Cream Headache live performance (see review in The Underground, Issue 8 and take it literally). Also performing are Gooseneck, daVe andrae, the Afo Zankey Band, the stand-up comedy of the infamous Big Tony Scholl, and Strange Attractor Records' superstar Mako. And who can you expect to MC the shindig? The world's most famous recluse: Derek Falky. Plus, some DJs spinning in between sets to keep the action going. All for only $6! But bring some spending money for Beeshu tapes ($3), Beeshu Quatro CDs ($5), and the brand new limited from Mako, "Traverse the Overworld." Only $3 for 30 minutes of techno mayhem.

Unlike Oliver, this is a one-time-only event, so screw opening night and go see Beeshu forcibly make history. The Tosa East Players are all freaks anyway.

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