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America's Funniest Home Videos Shows 10,000th Hit To Groin

By Newman
America's Funniest Home Videos reached a milestone few industry insiders would have believed possible on Tuesday, as the show officially broadcast its 10,000th blow to male genitalia.

"I'd just like to thank everyone who made this moment possible," said a teary-eyed Daisy Fuentes before showing the clip, in which an unsuspecting Peewee league football coach got hit in the crotch by an errant pass. "Ouch! I bet that's gonna leave a mark!" wisecracked annoying co-host John Fugelsand, to forced laughter from the audience.

By reaching the 10,000-groin-hit plateau, America's Funniest Home Videos, or "AFV" as it is now known by its trendy abbreviation, set a mark that few, if any, funny outtake/home video shows will be able to match. However, the road to 10,000 wasn't easy. The show somehow made it through the Bob Saget years, only to face tough competition from Fox's lineup of "World's Funniest" shows. But by sticking to its steady, proven diet of babies doing funny things, fat people breaking stuff and the classic 'blow to the balls,' AFV has weathered the storm and come out on top of its competitors.

Not to be outdone, Fox announced plans to counter with a series of new "World's Scariest" shows, including "World's Scariest Haircuts," and the much anticipated "World's Scariest Tony Danza Sitcoms."

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