Issue 5

Mormons Develop The Bomb

Area Korn Fan Fails To Invert "R"

Attractive, Funny, Intelligent Girl Discovered At Tosa East

Weighted Grades Now!

Local Student May Have Ulterior Motives For Wearing USC Merchandise

Owner Of A Lonely Sock

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Attractive, Funny, Intelligent Girl Discovered At Tosa East
"She Must Be A Visitor!"

By Maverick
A startling discovery was made on Monday, here at Wauwatosa East. A student in English class was looking around the room and noticed a new member of the class. This new member was sitting next to him and the two began to talk. After class had ended, word of the "new girl" started to spread through the halls among the male population.

"She was funny, smart, and really pretty," said the discoverer. But one must ask, "How can this be?" Look around. We are at Tosa East. The administration was notified of the new girl, and the district psychologist was called in to handle this mystery. "She's a visitor," said the psychologist. "She doesn't go here. She's actually from Madison. She's just visiting a friend."

Sadly, the girl left the next day. "Well, it's back to importing my dates," said one male student who wished to remain anonymous.

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