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What do you think the Packers should do to improve?

opinion pic 1 Napolean Bonaparte --- Construction Worker
"Cut back on the rowdiness of Favre's halftime 'keggers'."
Art Fiet --- Massage Therapist
"Tell Reggie White to increase his praying 60%."
opinion pic 2
opinion pic 3 Merv Griffin --- Professional Handball Player
"Four words. Andy Capes as quarterback."
Ed O'Brien --- Talk Show Host
"Week 1: Chicago Bears. Week 2: New Orleans Saints. Repeat 8 times."
opinion pic 4
opinion pic 5 Michael Crichton --- Snow Plower
"Fire Mike Holmgren. Hire Dean Smith. That guy is a coaching genius!"
Marge Simpson --- Fictional Character
"Wait four years until Jake Wolter graduates college. Draft him."
opinion pic 6

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