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issue three - october 28 1997

O'Connell Signed By Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears stunned the NFL yesterday by signing Tosa East wide receiver Mike O'Connell to a 2 year contract reportedly worth $2.6 million.

Brett Favre Is In My Class!

Editorial - Packers Should Concentrate On Their TV Shows

Photo Opinion Poll - What Should The Packers Do To Improve?

Conspiracy Corner - The Learning Center

Concert Update

Newman's Notes:
The last issue to be print-only (the issues were put online starting with Issue 4), Issue three was the greatest success yet, despite the fact that it was a well-below-average issue, focusing way too heavily on football. The Regulator's "Brett Favre Is In My Class!", one of the few bright spots in this issue, was actually completed in time for Issue 2, but there was not enough room for it. The average headline story was only immensely popular because of the concept of Mike O'Connell playing for the Chicago Bears, and the fact that he paraded the article around the school all day. I thought the editorial and photo opinion poll were pretty good, but no one reads those.

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