Issue 15

Seven:  An
Brian Eisold
School Is Boring
Black (Stretch
Pant) Death
The Underground
Pumps Up The
I Have A New
Drum Machine

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the underground online
issue fifteen - may 5 1998

Seven:  An Underground Survey

So what have we learned today? That Tosa East students are a bunch of lazy, sex-obsessed ego-maniacs? Yeah, that sounds just about right.

Student Spotlight:  Brian Eisold

School Is Boring

Black (Stretch Pant) Death

The Underground Pumps Up The Volume*

I Have A New Drum Machine

The Future Of The Underground

As you've probably discovered, since essentially all of our quotes and student spotlights are on seniors, virtually everyone on the Underground staff is a senior. While this year that's been just peachy, it poses a bit of a problem for the paper after June 13. While you will probably still be able to follow The Underground Online over the internet, what will happen to the print version? Well, that proud legacy is up to you, underclassmen of Tosa East. If you're a freshman, sophomore, or junior who would like to inherit this publication, email or contact Newman in person (if you're really down with The Underground, you should know who Newman is anyway, seeing as it was published in issue 11.5). No knowledge of desktop publishing or website design is needed, just a creative and intelligent mind.

Newman's Notes:
I always considered this to be one of the worst issues of The Underground, but I think it was one of the most popular. I thought it was too school-specific. Seven was based on a suggestion from Anna Brinck, and was also done before by Nick Hanhardt I hear. "The Underground Pumps Up The Volume" shouldn't have been an online-only article, but we ran out of room in the print version. The Brian Eisold student spotlight is only because he gave me $20. After all that, I think the funniest part of this issue is Kesus's "I Have A New Drum Machine," which I asked him to do one day in the library and he gave it to me a couple minutes later. Most certainly inspired by the insanity induced by Ms. Bertorello's relentless AP impromptus.

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