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The Underground Pumps Up The Volume

By Kent Brockman
Remember the movie "Pump up the Volume?" Remember Christian Slater as the rebellious punk who starts up a radio program in defiance of "the man" and his lame high school? Can you pretend like you do for the purposes of this article? Well, The Underground is just like that, and I'll tell you why.

Just as with "Pump up the Volume," our high school is also "lame." Like the movie, the teachers here at East don't understand our generation. They don't get our rock & roll and our MTV. They don't know what it's like to "catch a wave" or "eat dirt." And, like the character played by Christian Slater, there are, here at East, people like that who have enough guts to stand up to the straight conformity shoved down our throats and break free from the chains of oppression called "high school."

Christian Slater is my hero. And like Christian Slater, I continue to defy "the man" in the face of adversity by writing articles, like this one, for The Underground. And later, like Christian, I will, most likely, get a girl and get laid as a result of this article. So thank you Underground; thank you for being like "Pump up the Volume" and for standing up to the "lames" of society. I can't wait for the chase scene. I give this movie four stars and urge you to see it.

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