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John Grisham To Write Law-Related Novel

By the Ghost of Newman
John Grisham amazed the publishing world once again last Friday when he announced that he would write a novel about the legal profession. The novel, tentatively named "The Defendant," would feature a plucky young lawyer in his mid-20's, straight out of law school, faced with the task of defending a 14 year old homeless teenage girl who has been accused of prostitution. The book would be set in Memphis, TN. Through an accident involving the CIA, Mafia and the Ku Klux Klan, the girl's life is put in danger, and a fight for justice ensues. With the help of a Gen-X news reporter, the girl's name is cleared and the CIA, Mafia and KKK are thwarted.

"John Grisham has stunned us once again," a publishing executive exclaimed. "Who would've thought that following such hits as The Client, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, and The Rainmaker, Grisham would have the audacity to write another novel about law?" The book, scheduled to be released on March 21, will also reportedly be the basis for a movie with the same name, due to be released on March 23. The movie will feature rising star Matthew McConaughey as the inexperienced young lawyer, and Alicia Silverstone as the spunky news reporter.

Grisham denied rumors that he was working on a sequel, titled "The Jury."

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