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underground links
Where do you think all this stuff is hosted? Some nifty music sites for you to browse.

Disconnect Web Radio.
Home of The Underground Online Radio Show and many other fine RealAudio programs for your listening pleasure.

The best band in the world and their chaotic, meaningless website. It inspires everything you see before you.

The Onion - Number One In News.
If you haven't read The Onion, you aren't truly literate. The big leagues compared to our Triple-A Underground.

Beeshu Records.
Since half our issues have articles about them, I figured I'd give them a link.

The Last.
Greenfield (WI) High School's underground newspaper that actually got someone expelled and brought about a lawsuit involving the ACLU. See what happens, kiddies, when you don't cover your asses?

The Official Woodrow Wilson High School Underground Newspaper.
An underground paper from a school in Portland, OR that quite possibly matches The Underground in terms of sarcasm, offensiveness, and originality. Brought a tear to my eye when I read it.

Products of Boredom
What the name implies.

The HeaD
Another Oregon underground paper that sent me a bunch of their issues. Very funny stuff. That picture on The Regulator's bio page goes out to them. ;)

Tosa East Players Homepage
Scott Schneider is mysteriously missing from this site.

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