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If you're like most of our dedicated readers, you've probably lost many a night's sleep wondering when the next issue will be coming out, what's going to be in it, and then fainted in amazement when you stumbled across it, a week after it was released. Well, fret no more my Underground groupies! Now you can join the underground online mailing list and receive updates on new issues, site updates and any more trips to Mr. Streff's house. Simply follow the instructions below and you're on your way to Underground enlightenment.

Option 1:

Email with the following in the body of the email:

    subscribe underground < your name >
(with your name in the place of < your name >, obviously.) To unsubscribe, simply add two little letters: change "subscribe" to "unsubscribe".

Option 2:

Fill out the following form, and Newman will personally add you to the list. This can also be used to (god forbid) unsubscribe.

Your email:  
Your name:  

I'm thinking about making an Underground discussion list. Meaning a list where people would discuss things, and each email and reply would be bounced to every member of the list. If you're interested in such a concept, let me know.