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Volume Two

Who Are These People?

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"Wauwatosa East's Premier Underground Newspaper"

the underground archives.
Volume 1, Issues 1-19 -- From October 1997 to August 1998

volume two.
The Class of '99 takes over The Underground and brings it back, kicking and screaming, for another year.

who are these people?
Those who wrote for (and lost large amounts of money producing) this publication.

Note: The Underground Online on has been revised and now only carries volume one, done by Newman, from October 1997 to August 1998. For Sleeping Disorder's second edition of The Underground Online, click on the links to volume two on this page. When the class of 2000 begins the third year of The Underground and puts them online, we'll be sure to link to those too.


the prestigious bronze gerald ford award.

Winner of the "Bronze Gerald Ford Award" from the Moron News, 1/27/98

Chosen as best in the Writers' Block Pod of Tripod for the week of 11/26/97


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