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Fiet, Gissing,
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(and only on the online version too! don't you feel special?)

Left: Mr. Fiet - 1973

Above: Mr. Fiet - 1997

Yes, Underground mascot and Calculus sage Mr. Art Fiet was teaching here 25 years ago too! According to Fiet, one thing that was different back in the 70's was that "environmental science was a significant course." Fiet claims that he didn't live in the "romantic notions of 'Woodstock.'" When asked further about his personal Fiet-life however, he cryptically responded, "Everyone has personal stories of both humorous and serious natures that need not be revisited." I guess some things man was never meant to know.

Left: Ms. Gissing - 1972

Above: Ms. Gissing - 1997

Ms. Gissing didn't want to do the survey, so being the respectable young journalists we are, we decided to let it go at that. We still decided to put the embarrassing picture in the online version though.

Left: Ms. Line - 1973

Above: Ms. Line - 1997

Ms. Anne Line's survey was surprisingly sparsely filled out, even though she was the first teacher to receive the survey and among the last to return it. 25 years ago she was at West, and she says she came to East in 1982. She also claims to have blocked out any stories of her first years teaching French. Maybe she did... or perhaps she's actually a French spy and her past is strictly classified! So that's why she's been taking so many trips to France. In fact, The Underground has recently received information that Line is scheduled to visit France again over Spring Break! Surely this visit could mean only one thing: an invasion by the French. The Underground will be sure to keep you informed as this story develops.

Left: Mr. Hidde/Super Mario - unidentified year in the 60s/70s

Above: Mr. Hidde - 1997

Mr. Hidde retired last year, so we didn't actually get a chance to get him a questionnaire. I'm not sure when this picture is from, or why they decided to take it in front of the mirror. Hey, give me a break, I just did things on 12 different teachers! This site doesn't just make itself you know. If you want more on Mr. Hidde, go read Issue 5's "Naming Rights."

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