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issue one - october 2 1997

Reality Bites

Marv "I Like Wearing Women's Underwear" Albert pleaded guilty last week to assault and battery. . . The good news is that his criminal record now makes him eligible to work for the Dallas Cowboys.

Show Me The Porn!

Editorial - Walkmans In School

Photo Opinion Poll - Do You Think Students Should Be Allowed To Have Walkmans In School?

Conspiracy Corner - Fred Retires From Dunkin' Donuts

Life After FF7 - A New Label: Beeshu Records

Newman's Notes:
Issue one is, quite obviously, the first issue of The Underground. It was done in one night at M. F. Luder's house on his Macintosh. We made the copies that night at Kinko's (150 for about $22) and distributed it the next day. It was pretty well received... for those who received it. Most positive comments overheard were about the Marv Albert article. Despite the fact that the identities of those involved were, at this point, very much secret, Mr. Hays paid a visit to Newman third hour to discuss the concerns caused by "Show Me The Porn!" I still don't know how he knew that I was involved.

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