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By The Editor... Newman
For the first issue of The Underground, I wanted to write a meaningful editorial about a serious problem so that I could make a difference. Instead I chose to write about walkmans at school. Ok so it's not the biggest problem in the world, but it's a nice place to start.

As one library aide put it recently, "No sound is allowed in the library," and this policy seems to extend to the whole school too, with the possible exception of the Raider Room. However if you're listening to it on headphones you're not disturbing anyone else so it's really nobody's business but your own, yet the administration seems to have been cracking down on this recently more than ever. Also, if people were allowed to bring walkmans to school, it could lessen the amount of crappy songs played on the Raider Room jukebox.

Teachers might argue that letting us listen to music could keep us from working. But some people actually work better while listening to music than sitting in complete silence, or hearing other people around them talk. And you don't need a walkman to not pay attention to something. I can understand if a teacher is teaching a class and there's a student in there listening to music and the teacher asks the student to turn if off, but people should be allowed to use them anywhere else.

This lack of music has had drastic consequences. People have been singing the "duh duh duh" song from the Volkswagen commercials, and the other day I heard "Owner of a Lonely Heart" being played again in the Raider Room. Stop the insanity.

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