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Life After FF7

By Kesus
Despite the recent release of Squaresoft's long anticipated 'Final Fantasy VII,' some of us have started shiny new record labels. Namely, those of us without Playstations, namely David Andrae, president and founder of Beeshu records, a label without labels. Beeshu records joins the underground market with the release of Dave Andrae's "Fuck the 30 Bus." This is good music. The tape is available for only $3 from Dave. He can be found in the hallways of your favorite high school and mine. In the future, Beeshu plans to release a noise album composed by Matt Simmons, as well as a CD compilation featuring underground local bands like DJ Mako, Girl Next Door, and College Kids Minus Two. Remember kids, always support local music; buy "Fuck the 30 Bus."

(Personal comments): Don't buy your CDs at Best Buy. Rate hikes to $14.99. Go to Atomic, go to Exclusive, but don't go to Best Buy. Buy the new KMFDM. Very dancy. But don't buy it at Best Buy. They are greedy corporate bastards.

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