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Special Report:
Inside The Scotch
Tape Sweatshops
The Summer IRP
Mulan, And
Luder's Crusade
For Uncivil Rights
Milwaukee To
Hold "Fest Fest"
Top Ten Signs
The Heat Is
Getting To You

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Top Ten Signs The Heat Is Getting To You

By Newman
Because no one else wrote anything, here's some filler... er, I mean a top ten list to finish off your Underground reading experience. Enjoy!

10.  You find yourself entralled with a 0-0 scoreless tie between Romania and Paraguay in World Cup 98.
9.  You actually do the Summer IRP, and drive out to Mr. Streff's house in Pewaukee to give it to him.
8.  You start hanging out with David Fan.
7.  You decide that a good way to cool off would be to head down to Summerfest and mill around with a few thousand other hot, sweaty REO Speedwagon fans (including Mike O'Connell).
6.  You see Godzilla... and like it.
5.  You long for those 10 Wisconsin winter days.
4.  You burrow into the ground during daylight hours in order to seek cooler temperatures.
3.  You decide that going to a Brewers game would be a fun and exciting evening activity.
2.  You create a massive Radiohead mp3 archive.
1.  Those Taco Bell "Gorditas" commercials really make you want to go out and buy some tacos... or start a fascist, chihuahua-led regime in a small, Latin American country.

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