Issue 4.5

Their monopoly
ends now.
Now back
to the Cardinal
Time to edit
the editors.
Cannibals are
people too.
This wouldn't be
Tosa East without
something on
What a load
of bull.
The ever-present

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the underground online
issue four point five - november 19 1997

Sponsored by Dr. Rocket

Special Edition:
We're Taking On The Cardinal News!

You can see it all at once, or since it's all one big article, it's been divided into bite-size paragraph chunks for your viewing pleasure also.

Newman's Notes:
Inspired by the Cardinal News's terrible November issue, this issue sparked a CN-Underground war that took months to cool off. Sponsored by one of the Cardinal Newsies for just $5, this single-sided issue wasn't a monumental success, but definitely hit the target it was aiming for. It infuriated Mike Trinastic by criticizing him and insinuating that he watched Beavis and Butthead, and also generally pissed off Luke Wagner, infamous author of "Ten Ways to Distract a Cannibal."

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